Friday, December 10, 2010

Recent out reaches

Over the past few weekends we have been doing outreaches in various locations.

We have seen God move in amazing ways. There

have been lots of salvation's and healings. I am amazed by the hunger of the people in Maputo city.

1 night in Zimpeto 3 nights Khongolote and 2 nights in Matola Rio

It was arranged for 2 nights in Zimpeto but that week I was in South Africa and didn’t make in time, but the next day we were there and lots of people showed up to hear the word of God and the Gospel of the Kingdom of God was preached and people responded with great Joy and many were healed that night, Thank you Jesus!!!!

The next week we were in Khongolote for 3 nights and it was also amazing time, people responding to the gospel in a way that I never thought people in Maputo would respond, I am amazed by the Hunger of the people in Maputo, people respond amazingly raizing their voices in prayer to God for the forgiveness of sins. We cast out lots of demons in the name of Jesus!!! Prayed for healing and many were healed, there is a story I would like to share

One of the testimonies that is amazing is: A lady (named Alice) got saved on the second night of the three day outreach in our village of Khongolote. During the ministry time she came up for prayer. She arrived at the front in tears. After a while the story came out. Her sister was very ill and is in the Central Hospital for over three weeks - she has been unconscious the whole time. The doctors don't know why. But Alice says, she believes that when we pray for her sister in the hospital, she will be healed. The next day (Saturday morning) Alice went to visit her sister in the hospital. She arrived and got a shock. Her sister was now conscious and was hungry. So Alice fed her some soup. Over the next few days, her sister greatly improved and is now waiting for the doctors to release her to return home. God is great and greatly to be praised!!

Monday, June 22, 2009

Its a BOY!

Anna and I are proud to announce that on the 1 June our son ISSACHAR Ross Felito Utuie arrived.

Friday, June 12, 2009

Good News

Hi, its been a long time since there has I have posted anything on this blog.
Last time I wrote about the sad news, losing our baby girl, Joanna grace Utuie.
But now I am happy to say that the Lord has blessed us with a baby boy His name is Issachar, meaning reward, so after what has happened to us last year, when I found out that we are having a baby boy, I thought on the name Issachar, I have always loved the name Issachar, what got my attention to this name is the part of scriptures that says 'and the sons of Issachar knew times and seasons and what Israel should do'.
I really what to thank everyone who has been praying for us when we lost our daughter and also praying for our Ministry.
Thank you may the Lord bless you

Monday, February 4, 2008

January 2008 New

The Lord is my rock, and my fortress, and my deliverer;
my God, my strength, in whom I will trust.”

Just want to thank those who have been praying for us since we have started this work here in South Africa, in Palm ridge, a township, south of Johannesburg.
Thank you, it is your prayers that keeps us going.

I know that it has been a long time since many of you heard of me or the work here.

News about me and Anna.

4th of November was very special to us and was made even more special by the church people, Our wedding anniversary, Came to church and were very surprised by the party that the church people have prepared for us, it really meant a lot to us the church was 5 months old at that time.
Here is a photo.

They prepared food for the whole church and cakes for us, it was very special for us.

And the exciting news about us is that I am getting ready to be a father (J)
May this year the baby arrives.
The Work in Palm Ridge

Palm-Ridge is really experiencing a change, the fruit is starting to come up.
Very encouraging things are happening but most of all the presence of God is becoming more and more evident every Sunday.
Lives are being touched every Sunday, just the testimonies are amazing, for example this past Sunday, a lady who came for the first time, Sunday before this one just to check out the church she testified, this past Sunday about what she felt in the service, she also said that during Ministry time she came forward for prayer didn’t tell of pain she was experiencing in her legs for long time but as she received prayer the anointing touched her and she was healed, that’s when she realized that this is real the real thing.
The presence of God is what we are after, and He is showing up even in Palm-Ridge.

There has been many challenges that have defenatly slowed the work here ,with the storms destroying the tent 4 times since we started the church, been tough in that way as now we are only having services on Sundays only, for we have to put the tent up and down every Sunday for we are trying our best, so it doesn’t ripp even more. and not being able to have even the Sunday services.
A photo of the tent.

We are now believing God for provision to be able to build a shack for that will survive the winds of Palm-Ridge more than the tent can

Also as some of your know that we have been given the Land we are currently using temporally and it looks like we are to give it back, so if you could believe God with us to give us a piece of land that is not to far from where we are, that will be good because we have many people that live in the area we are now, a walking distance for them will be good.

Being in Palm-ridge not long ago, I have been invited to be part of the Pastors forum of ward 61, 120 Pastors palm-ridge over 1.5 million people.
After attending the pastors forum for few months I have been asked to be in the Leadership on the Pastors forum, which is a very exciting opportunity,
Having realized that most of the Pastors have no training not even what you would consider basic they don’t have, a friend who was with me visiting teaching about worship in our church told me about International accelerated missions curriculum, So I contacted them and they sent us the material so this pastors and their church members can be have an opportunity that is taken fog ranted but here will be a life changing experience. Many pastors were happy to hear about the training and they said this is what we have been praying for, for long time, this is an answer from God to us.
We got all excited and wanted to start the training in the beginning of January but we haven’t started yet, because of the tent problem, as soon as we have the shack, we are going to start the one year training for this pastors and their Leaders.
So we are also calling out anybody who has a heart to teach, any who feels has something to give to this people, please come and help us teach, what ever time you have available is fine with us, one month, 3 months 6 or a year you are welcome.

I want to thank the Brumbag’s Family and the church that raised 5 thousand USD to bless us with a mobile office for the church, now will also be very useful for the Bible school also. Thank you so much.

The Office

We have taken a photo after the service of the people that attended the past Sunday though a good number wasn’t there. Just to give you an idea of who you are praying for.

Things we need prayer for.

  • Please pray for the provision to build the shack, 20mX8. (total Costs equivalent to 2000 USD) South African Currency. Rand 12000

  • Please pray for the land that is permanent, to be given to us not far from where we are so people won’t be affected by the distance.
    Please pray for the school that we want to start, to set this community and churches on FIRE!

  • My car problem has been solved since December, but fuel is going up every day here in South Africa, I do a lot of driving for the ministry and now there is an opportunity to minister in prisons and hospitals and add more trips to the church when we start the school. Since you all know that I don’t really have personal support, this is getting tough on me, please pray that God will send someone from somewhere to sponsor me with fuel.

  • Lastly please pray for Anna and I and our coming Baby.

    Thank you so much without your prayers we wouldn’t have come this far. You are much appreciated.
    Blessing From
    Felito Utuie.

Wednesday, October 3, 2007


Hi everyone,
It has been a long time since you have heard from me, I really apologize for that, things have been hard for me, I still don’t understand why I was unable to send my update from last month, I have written the update in the beginning of last month tried many times to send it but it wouldn’t, but one thing that I know is that the enemy will not relax while we are spreading out the Gospel even in places like palm ridge, a place known for high crime rate,I know that he can’t handle to see people giving up their old way of living and come to Jesus and have their lives turned around for good,

I want to thank you all who pray for us, just want to say thank you and to let you know that you are highly appreciated, it is your prayers that help us to stand and not be unshakable.
Things are starting to happened praise!!! I had been praying the whole week asking the Lord what he wants me to speak on this past Sunday, and I didn’t know what he wants me to speak till on Sunday morning, the resurrection morning, the Lord simple said that the church is ready! I didn’t get it at first what he means by this but before I asked I felt an anointing for healing strongly on me and I knew what he was talking about, I knew that the power was present for healing! A Picture of our Church Community.

I have been teaching them the basic tings of Christianity since we started the church on the 9th of June, but this was a day that the Lord has declared that to be a day of healing in our tent, I spoke about healing, cause people can easily accept that God forgives, God sets free but when it comes to healing its always a challenge, I spoke on that, giving them understanding that when the Lord went on the cross He did it for our Salvation, deliverance and healing, just simple message and went on telling them a true story of when I was in one of the villages preaching the gospel telling them that Jesus saves, sets free and heals, called out for sick people to come forward and a man who had a short leg than the other came and he used a stick to walk and he asked me to pray for his back, I did wonder why not his leg, I prayed for his back and the Lord healed him immediately, I asked why not your leg? Can I pray for your leg He said yes and as I was praying for him I saw teas coming out, I thought pain or something he was feeling so I sad what is going on? Tell me how you feel? The man said I felt my short leg grow and I saw it grow! Glory to God!!!
The man stood on his own with ought a stick and began to walk. I tell you that was an opening for people to come and receive prayer in that village, not only there but in our little Church this past Sunday people came believing for healing and the Lord healed them, from serious back problems, Stomach issues, neck problems. It was fun to see what the Lord is beginning to do in palm ridge.
Keep us in your prayers that what the Lord has started will continue in the place.
Many blessings.

Things to pray for;
Please pray for the presence of God to increase in the tent.
Pray that the Lord will give us strength to reach out more for the lost.
Please pray for the Brumbaugh’s family in San Francisco who are working on razing funds to buy us a portable office to use in the Church.
Please pray for our cars, still straggling on this meter, we need funds to fix the car.
Please pray for me and Anna that the Lord will send us financial Supporters.
Please pray for our protection in this place where people are murdered everyday.

Please for donations contact us on this email

Felito &Anna Utuie
Postnet Suite 117
Privet Bag X1
East Rand
South Africa
Felito’s Cell +27 792 85 2946
Anna’s Cell +27 735261753,

May the Lord Bless you!
Felito Utuie

Thursday, August 2, 2007

Palm Ridge is experiencing a change!!!

Palm Ridge is experiencing a change!!!

Palm Ridge was known for the Indian community during apartheid and known as Moslem community, even today when you drive in to this township you don’t need any one to show you or tell you, its very obvious that it has been a Moslem place for long time,

In the entrance there is a Big Big Mosque,

As we sent you an email last month saying that we have started a Church on the 9th of June, it has been going well, we are growing in numbers and, we are seeing lives being transformed, its amazing,

Let me tell you some of it, we started the church in the tent, with 100 chairs, and it is in the middle of winter here in South Africa, and the pastor who gave us the land to use said

It is very cold now, people wont come, let me tell you this, our 100 chairs are full and we are in need of more chairs, God is so good!!!

Here is another story

One of the guys in Church is Sthole he is in His 40 s and this guy I have known him for Long time, and he always didn’t want anything to do with Jesus, I remember once I was visiting my brother here in South Africa and He was in my brother’s house and we had small group to pray together and this guy would go out side and wait till we finish praying, but if the Lord can change Paul of Tarsus, He can change Sthole’s heart, The Lord sent Him to help us find the Land and from the first day of the Service this guy has nave messed a service, He even called me and asked why do we have to wait till Thursday to have a service? That’s a Long time He says, He is so hungry, Talk about transformation, his wife still can’t believe that the Lord has given her a new husband,

We are seeing people being changed everyday, Palm Ridge is also known for wichcruft

But when they come they give up everything, and they just want the real thing, this people are hungry!!!

We had Stephany from Vineyard Laguna Niguel come last week and taught about prayer, they were taking in everything, and cause of that we have niticed that their prayer life is not the same anymore, something has been released up on them,

We are Having Cathy this week from the same church who will teach worship, everyone is looking forward for that.

I just want to thank personally that church in California San Francisco that sent us funds to buy Bibles for our people, you don’t know how blessed people are by this, Thank you.

I will say this, you have made things worse for us in a good way cause they have thousands of questions to ask about the scripture, they just cant get enough,

I also want to thank the Vineyard Laguna Niguel Church for sending a team Here that Blessed us a lot, and let me say that the people that were reached on that one day out reach are still with us,

Things to pray for;

(1) pray for my car to be fixed, its almost 2 months without a car, its hard,

(2) There was a strong wind last weekend that riped our tent in to peaces, please pray that we can get the right person to fix it, that’s our building,

(3) Pray so we will be known as community of Love,

(4) Pray for the growth not only in numbers but Spiritually also.




Wednesday, June 20, 2007

God's Open Doors

Dear Friends

Sawubona (hello). Can’t believe that it has been four weeks since we have arrived back in the Rainbow nation. And though times have been rocky, God is so amazing.

Great news! After six months of planning and preparation, we are finally underway. Yes, we have started the church plant in Palm Ridge. A township one hours drive from the Johannesburg International Airport and our little flat.

The road to this point has not been easy or quick, but God has this vision in His hands and all timing is according to His purpose. Until the middle of May, we had been unable to find land on which to start the church. After many attempts with city governments, we were led to a plot of land by a man who is not a Christian, but wanted to help us. Through him, we were able to secure a large, central location, which we are currently borrowing from another Pastor who has advised us to apply for the land permanently.

Once we received the paper to say we had officially borrowed the land, the work began. There were many things that we needed to accomplish before we could start church services, one of which was getting a fence to surround the tent. After price shopping at several places, we found a man selling fences on our way to the land. This man helped us organize people to clear the land. We believe that as they burned the brush and rubbish, God was spiritually clearing the land and preparing it for encounter.
We also had to build a small house on the property for a couple people to stay and keep watch (our friendly guards).

The day before we began church, we bought an 18 by 7 metre tent and 100 chairs.

The man who sold us the chairs gave us a very good price and offered to supply us with 50 to 80 free loaves of bread to give out at the end of every month. Ironically, this man has a brother who is a leader at the biggest mosque in Palm Ridge (Palm Ridge is known for its Muslim inhabitants – during apartied Palm Ridge was where the Indian community lived).

God is just so good! The favour of God is being shown already from people who are not even believers. There are many more stories that must go unwritten for the time being.

And so, after two weeks of hard work and taxing anticipation, we had everything ready for church.

Sunday, June 9, we had our first service. We had a surprisingly good turnout and community members have been very welcoming (even wanting to advertise us with a blow horn on the back of a pickup). The first service was the dedication of the land and the tent, patterned after 1 Chronicles 7 when Solomon dedicated the Temple to God. After a brief message, an altar call had three young men and a bunch of children come forward to receive Jesus. Since then, the young men are hungry for God and have formed a choir with our resident missionary, Eric Brumbaugh (from the USA).

We have also been having evangelistic meetings every night and have seen God beginning to move. It has been a blessing to see the people’s hunger as even the small children sit and listen attentively to every word of the message.
Throughout the whole process, we have clearly seen God’s hand in directing the right people to help us at the right time. There are so many names I could mention, without whom this church would not have happened. God is truly sovereign and the King of this church. It is just another testimony that when God calls someone to do something, He is abundant in His provision. In accordance with Jeremiah 1:12, we have seen God act upon His Word.
We hope that this newsletter encourages you to follow what God is speaking to you.

· Please pray for provision to fix at least one car (my two cars are currently broken)
· Please pray for provision for rent and a new place (closer to the church land)
· Please pray For God’s presence to increase every day in the tent

Thank you for your prayers and support.
God Bless you richly & love
Felito & Anna Utuie

Address: Africa on Fire Ministries
PostNet Suite #117
Private Bag X1
East Rand
1462, South Africa

Website: &

Felito Cell: +27792852946 & Anna Cell: +27735261753